Murals. Wall Art. Airbrushing.

The One and Only Art Hero

Creative. Imaginative. Heroic. Josh Robinson delivers adventurous and clearly defined murals for any audience. Achieving a detailed final product, he is committed to both his art and to his clients. He brings great innovation to the table, and is simultaneously devoted to the vision of his customer.

The airbrush has been his artistic weapon of choice. With it he leaves a seamless and accurate result. No task is too great for Josh and his mighty airbrush. Colors fly and your walls will give rise to an image that translates you into other realms, as the unique characteristics of your own room will react with your chosen portrait.

The Art Hero has always had an appreciation for art and he loves to convey meaning and thought with visual brilliance. He specializes in cartooning and yet, within this genre, the possibilities are virtually boundless. Young people everywhere (including the young at heart) will adore the work created by Art Hero.

Mr. Robinson is a father and a high school teacher and keeps in touch with the inclinations of the youth. There is positively no doubt that he will deliver a masterpiece worth every cent. He is passionate about craft and about stretching imaginations.

Your walls are limited, but the possibilities are infinite.

Job Referrals

A job referral that leads to a contract job will gain you a $25 gas card or a customized airbrush t-shirt, as well as a discount on your next Art Hero job, and quite possibly, a friend request on Facebook.

Fan Fare

"WOW! This artwork is much better than the pictures give credit!"
- Nathan W.